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You have many options for storage, as you’ll soon see, the option that I have chosen to introduce has everything that you would want in an international storage solution and this is why I am a broker for the Singapore Precious Metals Exchange (SGPMX).

For those in the U.S., Europe and Japan, the Singapore location will give you the international diversification you need, for at least a portion of some of the layers I’ve shared with you. Why Singapore? To do the subject justice would require a full report. It is a jurisdiction with a history of the rule of law, politically stable, eco-friendly, militarily strong (mandatory military service), economically prosperous, independent, consistently ranked as one of the safest societies, good demographics, work ethic. It aims to be the financial center of Asia so it is business friendly, ranks#2 for Economic Freedom, and has received many awards, even the airport was ranked #1 in the world.

It is also a go-between, a neutral state, like the Switzerland of Asia, with ties between both the east and west, which is why President Trump & North Korea Kim met there. It does not bow to any foreign nation. At this time no foreign government can pressure them to repatriate assets, or even stop caning of foreigners, even I remember when Michael Fay was headline news.

The Singapore Precious Metals Exchange Pte. Ltd.  (SGPMX) is the only bullion company licensed by the Singapore Customs to operate high security bonded storage facilities in Le Freeport Singapore. And all service providers within Le Freeport operate under strict guidelines and supervision of various government agencies including Singapore Customs.  It caters to high-end art collectors and dealers, auction houses, banks, museums and fine art logistic companies, thus the temperature & humidity control.

Your metal is fully segregated, allocated, ownership remains in your name, you can view it, pick it up, sell it & wire the funds internationally, has third-party audits, a transparent legal paper trail that tracks every movement from purchase to storage, they refer to this as their F.A.C.T Protocol.

The fees are perfectly priced for the level of security, protection, storage & include insurance. Account minimums start at $1000 worth of precious metals, at less than one percent, .70% for silver to be exact per year for sub-million dollar accounts. Of course, they have premium services too.

If you create your account as your broker (using the link below), I can get you the lowest possible shipping rates of product to Singapore, by combining with other shipments made by other customers, as well as support the sale of the product at most profitable price into the Japan & Global markets. –Yes, there will be a time to sell some soon.

To open your account with my support each step of the way, click here to begin.





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