Hi, I’m Joshua Michael Schaaf

A¬†Peaceful Evolution….If We Act


My 6 children are a strong part of the motiviation behind the ten’s of thousands of hours of study, the businesses I’ve launched, and the peaceful future I am working towards. I strongly believe that if I don’t help to make the needed changes in the world now, my children, even if they have the desire, will have an even harder time than if I act now, it may even be impossible. I lived in many countries from a young age, experienced many cultures, I now enjoy introducing my children on trips around the world. Seeing other cultures gives a important wider & greater perspective of our world.


For the last 23 years I have been studying, actively trading in the global markets, studying about & accumulating gold & silver, and running a number of successful businesses. At the beginning of the last crisis, when gold & silver prices initiall dropped low, I struggled to find a well priced store to buy from within Japan. That is whe I started my own import company. I am a broker for the Singapore Precious Metals Exchange & my company is now the leading online gold & silver company in Japan. After years of family & friends asking how I was generating income in the markets, I began to teach a bit about my systems & formulas.


From a historical, mathematical perspective I knew years ago we would meet at this massive transition point. I warned of drastic social, economic and geopolitical consequences that will affect everyone! We are here, mid-crisis, mid-transition now. Those in power who have resisted change know and are prepared & executing on thier plans. Now it is only a matter of what ‘type’ of society we transition to. I know foundational principles that we must be included in our ‘New Bretton Woods’ if we want a sustainable peace, prosperity, justice & freedom. We have the power to decide the type of society we transition to but we must act now.

Here is what to do next…..get educated and take action.

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