What is the ‘Triple P’ Formula?
















The ‘Triple P’ formula is a shortcut for you, a path that I’ve successfully walked (never lost, always gained) with physical gold & silver since 1999


Owning gold & silver in the right way will give you financial, geopolitical & emotional protection. For 1000’s of years, in all money systems it has always worked, and will continue to.

Less Stress, More Stability


With the right type gold & silver you can ‘Cash Flow’ for profit using my simple, tried & proven 10 Point checklist. I’ve always profited. In other words, I’ve never lost using this strategy. You can start with as little as $30 or even with millions.

More Income, More Options


We are at a crucial transition point. You must be ready with the right assets, information & connections, so you can have the most influence for good as possible.

More Freedom, More Peace


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