Partner Insights Needed

We need to reach a tipping point of awareness in each of our communities, cities, states and countries. If you are well versed in any area of the gold, silver, liberty, truth arena, and have some key sights & provable information that helped you decide to take action, or has helped you when speaking to others, please consider sharing it with us (Live Chat or the Contact page). I am accumulating points to prove from a rational, logical, historical, mathematical, as well as emotional perspective why this is relevant to everyone in our world. Why? –We need action.

Action Areas

Besides gold and silver, there are many ways to begin to direct your own energy now, positive signals that can reverberate around the world. Below are areas that we have, or want to have, a range of positive action steps for our community. We should support those who speak out for truth. want freedom, choice, justice, equal opportunity.  Let us know what area you feel strongly about, and have valuable actionable information about.

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