Pre-Sale 2017-08 (New)「In Debt & Death They Trust」1 oz 99.9% Pure Silver Coin +Capsule


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Product: 2017(New)「In Debt & Death They Trust」Medal
Purity: 99.9% Pure Silver
Weight: 1 Troy Oz (31.1 grams)
Condition: New with a Numbered Certificate of Authenticity
Size: 39.3 mm
Mintage: 5680 Strict Limited Mintage
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Package: A High Quality Acrylic capsule is Included
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The ‘In Debt & Death They Trust‘ medallion depicts clearly the connection between death, war, destruction, the debt based currency system and those whose lifestyle are dependent upon being allowed to create currency from nothing; the bankers and concentric circles built around them to deflect criticism and change.

The currency system of every nation in the world is a debt based, fiat currency. A fiat currency has nothing tangible behind it. In the past currency was a promissory note for an amount of precious metals, which had built-in discipline on the quantity of currency that could be issued. Now credit institutions can create debt fiat currency out of thin air with no physical limitations.

The associations & institutions that profit the most from this system have successfully marketed & associated immaterial feelings of status, power, success, happiness, contentment, purpose and affection with owning and consuming goods & services by product placement & endorsements in movies, music, fashion, politics etc. This is an age old marketing technique that has many beneficiaries, all with the purpose of having you look outside yourself for value and peace in exchange for your time and your life. They have been successful by aligning the desires that humans have for happiness, excitement, purpose and sincere affection with the constant need to upgrade & consume material goods. The ensuing debt culture, where it is acceptable to live in debt, is only made possible with an undisciplined fiat debt currency system that allows consumers to live beyond their income. A perfect circular treadmill for consumption and debt slavery has been created, this is the ‘Rat Race’!

More and more debt means more and more currency in circulation, which is the true definition of inflation. Even those who are not ‘overly consuming’ are forced to find a way to beat the price inflation game created by the bankers. Another truth is that the debt currency system requires more & more debt currency issuance otherwise there is a contraction and deflation. If the private sector does not take on enough debt to create more debt currency then the public sector must take on more debt otherwise there is a massive deflationary implosion. This is why the public sector usually ‘comes to the rescue’ during a time of contraction of the currency in circulation.

The times in history when credit institutions have been the most profitable and gained the most influence is when the governments have gone into debt for wars. Banks can create fiat debt currency out of thin air, and love to lend it to the public sector. During war is when the public sector debt reaches its highest levels. An unending war, like ‘The War on Terror’, is a perfect profit opportunity for those that create currency out of thin air to lend said currency to the public sector. This has many dangers, causing the war industry to grow larger and more influential in society at the cost of other areas and of the lives of people around the world. A common diversionary tactic of this type of system, when the limits of debt creation have been reached and as it starts to implode is to find an outside enemy to blame, start a trade war and then a real war. We are on that path today unless we begin this change. This is the danger that President Eisenhower warned about in his farewell speech from the white house.

What will a man not do for life and limb? Fear is obviously a strong proven marketing tactic.

The good news is that this always come to an end. Consumers can only consume beyond their income for so long. The current economic structure is based on the illusion of sustainable infinite credit & debt growth. For the last 100 years the majority of the world has accepted this system but we are at a tipping point of global awareness of this ‘false promise’ and their marketing strategies. We are instigating positive change across the world now.

Question everything!

You can be part of this positive change today! Owning these coins is one way to help the world. They predictably increase in value, will survive any economic circumstance retaining value and will be a warning to all future generations. There are others ways to increase our positive impact too, which I will share as time goes on, however modifying your perception of value and in what form your hold your economic value is a powerful first step to freedom.

Be a positive powerful influence in our world for peace! Order as many of these as you can.


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