I’m Joshua Schaaf, here is a bit about me


I was born into a large family and have a fairly large family of my own now with 6 children, three girls and thee boys. We are U.S. citizens living in Japan. My children have been a strong part of the motiviation behind all the thousands of hours of study, the businesses I have launched, and the future I am working towards. I traveled around the world from a young age, and now enjoy taking my children on trips around the world as well. –We went to Thailand on our last summer vacation. Seeing other cultures gives a important wider & greater perspective of our world.


From a historical, mathematical perspective we know we are fast approaching a massive transition point in our currency and economy which will have social and political consequences. It is not a matter of ‘if’ it is only a matter of ‘when’, however we have the power to decide ‘what’ type of society we want to live in after this massive transition. I believe it has the potential to be a wonderful, peaceful transition, and much more balanced world afterwarrds. However this requires the right information above all else, and the right assets, and preparation. If I can help one county, city, state, country then I will be content.


For the last 19 years I have been trading & investing in the global markets, running a number of successful businesses, studying and accumulating gold & silver. The company that I established now runs the main online Gold & Silver company in Japan. After many years of family & friends asking how I was generating income in the markets, I began to teach what I do via the interet. I have combined what I have learned in the industry over these 19 years into a powerful, simple one of a kind My training & coaching that will have you a Gold and Silver ‘Pro’ as easily, quickly as possible.

Join Me Now for the Free Live Online Gold & Silver Workshop


Free Online Workshop

Join my Free Onlive Live Gold & Silver Workshop Now

In this Video Workshop You will learn why you should own, how you should own, what both the minimum wage earner & the millionaire show own, where to buy, where to store, when to sell. I’ll be coaching you answering questions. You will be notified when we get started. This is your first step to increase your positive impact.

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