Here is a basic overview of the services available.

・Training & information for those purchasing physical precious metals which I have accumulated through hands-on experience since 1999. To short cut the journey.

・Silver & gold at wholesale discounted prices. Click on the ‘Shop’ tab in the menu to see the type of products available.

・Access to free training, information, tools, Q&A, so we, a growing global community of freedom lovers, can be fully prepared to be the strong influence for good in our world that will soon be desparately needed. Click on the ‘Partners’ and ‘Solutions’ tab in the menu to learn more.

・GSP Formula Owners get life time access to wide variety or services & connections. Deep discounts for global precious metals products, buying recommendations, access to ‘fire sales’, support for storage solutions & liquidations for profit and more. We can’t publicy disclose all that is available or in the works at this time. We accept partner applications and open the door to new ‘GSP Owners’ a few times a year.

It’s very simple.

・We believe & stand for freedom, freedom of choice & equal competition between choices. If your ‘Free Choice’ allows for the ‘Free Choice’ for others, then we are allies and now is the time to stand together.

・We want & are working for a peacefully, even potentially a beautiful transition to the next stage in the evolution of mankind. We must minimize and isolate the violent, the predators, so that the meek may inherit the earth. We have steps, plans & a global alliance actively working towards these goals.

・If you agree, or want to learn more, then we are meant to connect. It is time to act in every peaceful, legal, logical way that we can. Click on the ‘Partners’ tab in the menu.

Over the next few years we will have a small window opportunity, the opportunity of our era; to peacefully change our world. If you want the same we need your participation.

・We have taken our place as the founding fathers, mothers, daughters & sons of this new world. We are passionate, diligent, awake, dedicated, willing to ask the tough questions & then take action based on where the truth leads. We are open to truth, even if that means changing as more truth is revealed.

・We are focused on the actions that will have the biggest impact, the keys that open biggest doors of possibility and change.

・We want eliminate or at minimum greatly minimise the incentives for institutional curruption, pollution, manipulation, disease, death, destruction that have plagued humanity for millenia.

・We understand the risks, the rewards, and have volunatarily chosen to act, and encourage & challenge others to do the same. Will you take up the challenge with us?

Drop us a line anytime, and we will respond to you as soon as possible

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