I For The Crisis of the 2020's

GoldandSilverPro Training Suite

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GSP Training & Contests

To Entertain, Educate & Create Wealth & Change in the World

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Basic Foundational Training

Not sure why gold and silver are necessary to own now? --Click on the link below to find out why.

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The Win/Win Contest

Win#1 -Email me 1 factual reason that can dismisses the conclusion of my 'The Great Silver Shortage' report, and I will pay you $200, which is 5 times you investment.


Win#2 -Learn factual, mathematical, historical, sociological, geographic, scientific, psychological, moral & spiritual reasons why the coming shortage will make you & me rich!

Premium GoldandSilverPro Training

To be Prepared, Protected & Profitable so you can be Powerful now! --When the world needs the best you!

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The Insurance Category

This is the most urgent & important category of silver and gold that you must own. If you own the right product, learn how & when to use, you will have options when your very survival could depend on them. Click here.

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The Generational Category

This is category of gold and silver should have the longest impact on your life, and after you are gone, on the lives of those you care about. Can you imagine successfully doing that? --But you have to plan and be ready now to have the greatest impact.

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The Speculative Category

This is how we will make the most profit possible during the mania & shortage of gold and silver.

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The Active Category