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On the last page, I asked what information you want included in order to consider a profitable investment opportunity.

Obviously, you want...

  • A no-loss guarantee, so you're principal is completely protected
  • And a guarantee that you will make profit

I have both of these guarantees for you. And if you participate in this an opportunity, you could repeat the process to compound your money for exponential growth. You can also get my 'Compounding Interest' report on the next page.

Does some of your money work for you? Would you like your money to earn a high ROI (return-on-investment) with a guaranteed profit? Would you like to have investment income that will do well with or without a crisis?

By the time I was a teenager, I fully understood the indisputable math behind compounding and exponential growth and decay. So I always made sure that some of my 'remaining' income was saved to invest for the future!

I wrote 'remaining' income because, in the beginning, I had less income while raising six children, supporting my younger siblings, my in-laws, and for the first working years of my adult life, I had to give between 90-95% of my gross income to my 'community-church.' --So there wasn't always a lot 'remaining.' --This is the reason I am not extremely wealthy today.

It wasn't always easy. But because I had no external support, because my future was so important, because I knew the math, I was always willing to spend less to invest for future rewards. If you know the simple indisputable math behind compounding & exponential growth, you probably would have done the same. If you don't know this simple math, you should get the report I wrote.

Even as recent as the 1980s in Japan, you could safely deposit your money at the bank, when rates were at 6%, 7%, at times even 8%. One Million yen at 8% would earn you 80,000 yen. Today one Million yen at less than 1% earns less than 1000 yen, that's 80 times less!
Money is what most people exchange for their time, from the majority of the hours in a day. It is a representation of human labor.

Your money is supposed to have much more value! Not just in relation to how many products or services you can buy, but also what you can earn from investing & lending it, in safe guaranteed investments, or even just merely depositing at a bank. It worked that way for thousands of years!

But since the 1990s, the Central Banks of the world have continually destroyed & debased the 'cost of money' (the interest rate), and with it, the value of human labor! The proof? Look no further than interest rates that are at the lowest in over 5000 years!

Why? --Central Banks have pushed interest rates so low to enable governments, connected corporations, institutions, and individuals to carry the enormous debt loads. They'd be bankrupt already if they had to pay 8%, 7% or 6% rates and in Japan's case even 2% maybe even 1%!

Imagine if you had a massive credit card debt of $1 Million. --You could never pay it back! But if the interest rate is close to zero, you can at least afford the minimum interest payments and don't need to declare bankruptcy yet. --This is the same reason some Central Banks are pushing rates into negative territory (NIRP Negative Interest Rate Policy) so debtors can get paid to take out more debt. --Of course, this is only a temporary solution, like fingers in a breaking dike--but that's another topic.



Warren Buffet said, 'If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.'

I don't agree or like all that Warren Buffet says. He betrayed the truth of his father, Congressman Howard Buffet freedom about honest money. He invests in companies like Coca-cola that destroy consumer's health. He often speaks half-truths about the financial system when he could speak the whole truth and change the entire system. But I do agree with this quote.


Right now, you need to rise above this low interest & negative interest environment, and at least survive it! --And it doesn't matter if you're young or old, there is no better time than now to start having your money work for you! Especially since the next financial crisis is starting soon.

If this makes sense, and you'd like to do the same, the next challenge is saving the money & deciding where to put the money to work. Right? What you want is a place where your money can safely grow and give you high payouts so you can repeat the process over and over again for compounding & exponential growth, just like Warren Buffet's graph above.

And that's what I have for you. A simple investment proposal that you could choose to repeat over and again with my company and I. And at a high guaranteed profit in an ultra-safe process.

I've been at this for a while now! In this short message, I can't list all methods that I have tried over the last 20 plus years (with success and failure) or list all the many methods that I have studied, or the list the many methods that I am waiting to invest with when the time is right.

Because, as I'm sure you already know, there are significant risks in the world right now! It's time to be careful of risk! --These risks are amplified because we are at the end of the 'Super Debt Cycle' as billionaire Ray Dalio calls it. --Where the very definition of what most people call 'money' is about to change.

All these inflated asset prices supported by low-cost debt will collapse.There will be more bankruptcies, more extreme income inequality, unemployment, populism, higher taxes, political division, trade wars, even real wars. As the dust settles from this next great crisis, there will be great opportunities as long as you can survive past the crisis with some money to invest.

This investment offer is designed to support you now pre-crisis, mid-crisis, and into the post-crisis world. This offer is one of the many ways I've figured out to generate profit from silver. The world's most undervalued, globally recognized safe-haven asset, the tangible, the world's 2nd most used commodity with a long history as money. It's a simple business model with thousands of years of success. It is investing in the manufacturing of the world's most popular physical silver investment product, the one troy oz government-issued silver coin.

I spent the first ten years from 1999-2009 accumulating gold and silver. Then over the last ten years from 2009—2019, I set up my Japanese corporation finding multiple ways to profit in the gold and silver markets. Now, starting in 2019 after being active internationally for over 20 years within this market, I am uniquely connected to make this coin, my next vertical move up within this market.

I am taking large refined 99.9% pure silver bars at wholesale prices and in conjunction with a central bank and a team of veteran designers & manufactures of coins & I am leading the manufacturing of a new government-issued silver coin. As the coins sell for a profit around the world through already established distribution channels, the profit, will be distributed to those who invest.

Non-partners can also invest alongside my partners with low minimum requirements and at a high ROI, and I have reduced all the investor risk to zero with two guarantees backed by my company and me. How much profit? What ROI? --As you'll see on the next page, my global partners will get the highest profit. Just one of many partner benefits!

But if you are not a partner, I need to warn you. This may be the only chance for you to participate. Because my partners are my focus, after this offer ends, only non-partners who participate in this investment offer will be invited to future coin manufacturing investment opportunities with my partners. Yes, this is actually the first coin in a series of Japan-themed coins. Investing along with my partners and me is how you can repeat the process & compound your profit for exponential growth.

I want to give one last chance to those who know me or who have dealt already, to profit with me at the best possible time, right now, before the crisis begins. If you a not a partner, you either become a partner or participate this time.

Another reason why I require action from non-partners is, because only by taking proactive action today can you logically hope for a better future tomorrow! I can't help those who won't even help themselves! I can't help those who won't listen to reason & logic. Like any good investor, I must focus my limited time and energy on those who will take action, where it will give the greatest ROI.

At current silver prices, the total project is around USD 2 million. But I am only offering a small fraction of that total for partners and friends around the world. I could fund the whole project on my own or with just a small group, but I'll explain why I chose to offer it as an investment.

#1. I want my partners to be wealthy! I want to help them more than any others. I want them to get the highest ROI so they can quickly compound to exponential growth, as the simple math shows will happen! Keep reading, and you'll understand why I want them rich.

#2. This is income that will do well in inflation, deflation, outright collapse, or even with no crisis! It does not matter what the world's economic situation is these will sell. But during the coming crisis, which is scheduled to begin in 2020, this profit will be uncorrelated income for you. In other words, it will be unrelated to your other sources of income, the country you live in, the stock, bond, real estate market. This coming crisis will be worse than the last crisis. For some people, this profit may be their only diversified income source. If it gets horrible in your country, the more valuable this profit will be! Some people will lose their jobs, and all other sources of income, and this may be their only source of income. --Of course, I hope this isn't you.

#3. To make more than one or two coins! --This is the first in a series of coins. I want to make many more coins than just the one or two that I could finance on my own. If I share the profit, we can make more coins together than I could make on my own. Of course, I will be making less profit per coin, but I can be even more profitable if I can create a larger quantity of coins.

#4. More Profit Quicker! Over the next few years the world will again become interested in silver and gold just like 2010, 2011 as gold made new highs! During this time my partners and I will be able to make more money by having a larger quantity of coins selling around the world. I expect a mania! So we can make more profit over a shorter time-frame as gold and silver rise much higher during the coming crisis.

#5. To drain above-ground supply. The more coins that I can produce, the more demand & pressure I can put on the market price of silver. Because manufactured coins are collected, a high-quality coin is never going to be melted and sold back into the market for the metal value. If you understand how a market works, you will know that the decided price is always on the periphery, which is on the very edges. In a market, the seller who is willing to sell for the lowest gets the sale. The buyer who is willing to buy for the highest price gets to buy. Did you know there is less above ground supply of silver than gold? It won’t take much additional buying to move the price higher.

The price of silver has been pushed low by the financial elite. To suppress the price, at sensitive price points and times, they have sold vast amounts of silver in the markets. The elite have been able to suppress the price only because of the silver they stock in their warehouses. But now they only have a little left, and so they must stop their selling soon. --In fact, they will have to start buying soon. It will be a 180-degree move. My coins series will speed up the end of the manipulation by the financial elite. I will take silver from their warehouses, and at the exact time the price will rise regardless of my action. All the silver you own will increase in price even quicker than it would without me.

#6. An excellent reason to talk about silver! Another reason is the world needs to know right now before the crisis what will happen to gold and especially silver during the coming crisis. The huge gains! Owning silver and gold is the simplest way to transition with more wealth through the coming crisis. Making a high ROI on manufacturing coins gives an important reason for my partners and me to talk about silver and call other people to get educated & involved. We all need income! --I didn't create this world that demands us to make money to survive, but I will supply a solution for the world's peace & prosperity if I can!

#7. Balance of Power for Peace. This is one of the many strategies that I have been preparing. This will help tip the balance of power in favor of the regular worker, the poor, the middle class across the whole world. Mid-crisis and post-crisis gold and silver are going to be able to buy much more. And as we all know, whether we like it or not, those with resources, with money, have influence, even if it's just to buy advertisements. And the peaceful people of the world need that power & influence now more than anytime in human history.

Silver is the most undervalued metal in the world. Silver is the most undervalued asset in the world. Silver is the only monetary metal that will help the peaceful majority of people in every country of the world transition through the crisis with the power & influence needed to make a better world. Japan must own much more silver to benefit and be competitive against countries and systems like Communist China that do not believe in freedom. Silver is the key to a better future. If you want to know you have done your best to prepare for the coming crisis, then you must own enough silver! --And you must tell others about silver. The sooner we act, the better for the world. The more that we buy quickly, the better for the whole world. You can decide how much of the profit from this investment offer you will transfer into physical silver. My hope is you will transfer as much as you can. After the crisis, you won't be disappointed!

#8. For your peace of mind! The main reason I have recommended gold and silver so strongly, for so many years, is because of the psychological, emotional, spiritual damage you will suffer if you don't have enough. When promises are broken & people lose all that they have spent decades working for, they will be crushed, broken, some never to rise again. Savings, retirement funds, pensions, social security, nenkin promises will be broken; when the currency, bond, stock, real estate markets, and governments fail. At that time, I want you supplying the breadlines & giving out rather you and your family lining up for handouts.

When promises are broken, people are the most vulnerable. It's a historical fact! I do not want you to be vulnerable. The Napoleon's, Lenin's, Hitler's, Mao's rise to power at times like these. I've seen this, I've experienced a version of it, I know this. I want you, and those that know you, to be better because of you! Because the more people that are knowledgeable, prepared, and rich, the better off I will be, my children will be, the country and our future will be.

Over the years, I have managed people's money. Whenever I do, I always write the exact terms in a written contract. -Of course, I will do the same for this investment offer.

The next page will have all the current details of this offer. If you have any topics or questions you'd like to see answer, please let me know.

And make sure to get the 'Compounding Growth' report I wrote for my partners. It will only be available until this offer closes.

I'm looking for questions & topics to include in this investment offer.

Click on the 'Email Me' button to send your suggested questions & topics to address. Then click the navigation links at to learn more about this investment. Read my 'Compounding Interest' report in the 'Bonus' section too. Thank you.

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