What is the ‘Triple P Formula’?

It is a Formula distilled from my own failure & success with gold and silver that started in 1999. It is a road map that would haved saved me years of time & made me millions (of their fiat dollars) had I owned it at any point in my investing journey.


Owning the right Gold & Silver in the right way will give you financial, geopolitical & emotional protection, this is your monetary insurance. In 1000’s of years, in 100’s of documented instances fiat currency has always gone to the purchasing power of 0! If you own none you 100% at risk and need to take action. Find out what, where & how you to own your Gold & Silver. Protection is important, but I don’t want you to just stay in ‘defense’ mode, we need to play ‘offense’ as well, to win the game.

Less Stress, More Stability


I don’t just own Gold & Silver, I profit as I own & you can too. I ‘Cash Flow’ a portion of my corporate inventory for income. I have documented 10%, 20%, 50% sometimes 100% ROI (Return On Investment) by using a simple, powerful, tried and proven formula, I’ve never lost using this strategy. The market price is irrelevant. No leverage, no timing the market, no special account needed. The downside is somtimes even government guaranteed. Can be done with as little as $30 or as much as millions.

More Income, More Options


We are nearly at the crucial transition point in the currency system. The method by which value is preceived & calculated changes here. This will have social, economic & geopolitical ramifications. Having the right information, the right assets, access to a global network, knowing the dangers & safeguards needed as we transition, will give you the influence and emotional stability to take your place as an even more powerful positive element in our world, just when billons will be confused & desperate.

More Freedom, More Enduring

Are you a Partner? Looking for some Solutions?

Most of us are a bit of both. I am commited to working towards a peaceful transition, so we have freedom on the other end. Click below to see how you can join the conversation, and how I might be able to help you.

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