Buy-Back Guarantee / Security Tamper Evident Holograph Seal


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$5000 Buy-Back Guarantee  / Security Tamper Evident Holograph Seal

Here’s Where You can add downside price protection to your purchase!

If you decide to sell within the first year, we will promise to purchase your Micro-Mintage Silver Bullet Silver Shield product for at your purchase price minus a 10% restocking fee, Your product must be sealed in the capsule with our tamper-evident holographic security seal by our team at the time of purchase. We have will honor up to $5000 worth of buy-backs each month. These conditions may be revised as needed. In the future, I hope to lower the restocking fee, and up the guaranteed amount per month. At anytime you may also contact for us for a buy-quote from our global customer & investor groups.

Product: Buy-Back Guarantee / Security Seal
Details: -Tamper Evident Holograph Seal

-Unique integration of security features such as micro-text and 2D / 3D hologram effects, with security printing techniques.

Condition: The seal must be purchased with the silver coins
Size: 119mm x 4mm
Liquidation: Product must have an un-tampered, intact seal.

Must be offered from original buyer.

We reserve the right to scan the product for authenticity.

Subject to a 10% restocking fee, up $5000 available per month.



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