Pre-Sale 2017-10 (New)「In Debt & Death They Still Trust」1 oz 99.9% Pure Silver Coin +Capsule


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Product: 2017(New)「In Debt & Death They Still Trust」Medal
Purity: 99.9% Pure Silver
Weight: 1 Troy Oz (31.1 grams)
Condition: New with a Numbered Certificate of Authenticity
Size: 39.3 mm
Mintage: Very Limited Mintage, the low thousands
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Package: A High Quality Acrylic capsule is Included
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The「In Debt & Death They Still Trust 」coin depicts the modern mega-banker which represents the current accepted form of slavery; debt slavery.

Since the beginning of man’s history, we can see that there are those willing to use violence to forcibly take more than they give in return. For their longevity they build structures; armies, cultures, legends & laws to justify their lifestyle of greed and death. Peace, justice, and freedom loving men and women that have been victimized, have continually fought against and often risen above these overt structures of slavery. These are our favorite stories from history.

In modern times a more subtle and deceitful type of structure has formed for the same purpose; to take more than they give, by promising more than they can deliver on, using or threatening to use violence to keep you within their structure. This is only a more covert form of slavery; the debt currency economic slave system. A system that their parasitical lifestyle thrives in because the value of nearly everything is denominated inside of their fiat currency system that can be & is controlled. It continues in part, because of the ignorance & complicity of the general population as to the origin and life cycle of debt fiat currency.

The banking system is only a small front of this multi-headed beast. Only very few high above in these structures understand the totality of the system they are integral to. Most people within the structures, such as your local banks, are unaware of system they support by just trying to live their lives, taking care of themselves and their families.

This will all become clear in the near future, as the systematic problems of a debt based fiat currency again come to the fore, as they did in 2007 & 2008. The danger is just as the majority of the general population wakes up to the monopoly game being played on them, they will do so too late. Again we will need to engage with an overtly violent slave structure, which they have proved from history they are willing to resort to, to maintain power.

My goal is to prove with facts and historical precedence, to as many as possible, that this debt currency system is on the contracting side. Assets and incomes have been nearly fully mortgaged, debt saturation is here, and now is when the violent structures fight over the scraps. Now is the time to be a positive powerful influence in our world for peace & freedom.

Owning these coins is one way to take action & help change our world now. They will survive any economic circumstance and remain valuable. This series has predictably increased in value, and is a great conversation piece to all who view it. There are others ways to increase our positive impact too, which I will share as time goes on.

Exchanging your intrinsically worthless fiat/debt note currency into tangible value, is a powerful first step to freedom and educating others in the process.



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