Regarding Scams

The other day I promised you a reply to the comments I received from one of my Japanese Member regarding Scams. He said most Japanese people think like this...

「投資の話 Investment Offer+確実に儲かる Guarantee of Profit+期間限定でチャンスは今だけ Limited Time Offer=詐欺 Scam」

Here is my reply. This reply will also be posted at the site until my offers close at midnight on the 21st. You can send me a comment with a reply email, or post the comment to me at our site. Either way, I will read all the comments.

I don't know anyone who wants to be cheated. -and that includes me!

Because of my life experiences from the time I was a child to an adult in religion, in business, my personal relations, the thought of being scammed, lied to, cheated on, is repulsive! I am disgusted by it. I am against it!

This is why I analyze everything. I even analyze & question the 'facts' that most ordinary people accept as true because through study, I found out that much of what I was taught was not based on facts. Happily, at the same time, I've found so much truth.

One of the reasons I started the 'Partner Program' and the 'Secret Buyers Club.' Because I hate scams & lies so much. Some of the largest organized systems on the earth have unsustainable ideas and are using wrong math, and so they are scams. They insult my intelligence! --Do they think I am that dumb? Do they expect me just to accept them as if they are sustainable?

The debt fiat currency system is a Ponzi scheme structure that will collapse during the next crisis, and it threatens the peace of myself, my children, the countries that I live in, and so I act.

Another Japanese member said they are afraid they don't know how to detect a scam versus an excellent opportunity. But I do. The truth is revealed by asking questions, searching, testing & then analyzing the results. My partners who studied my '3 Layers of Gold & Silver' masterclass lessons know that I analyze the facts from many different angles.

The only thing that can stop the process of revealing the truth is not asking questions, not searching, not testing & not analyzing. That is the real danger. This is why Jesus said 'seek, and ye shall find,' and 'knock, and the door will be opened.' in Matthew chapter 7 verses 7 and 8.

So the Japanese member succinctly wrote what most Japanese automatically think...

「投資の話 Investment Offer+確実に儲かる Guarantee of Profit+期間限定でチャンスは今だけ Limited Time Offer=詐欺 Scam」

But this isn't automatically the truth.

Here are the facts…

-Offer#2 is an Investment offer.

-My company is including a guarantee, a promise in the contract, so you profit, I'm not removing this.

-that we are on a strict schedule to complete this manufacturing.

Of course, the eventual outcome of this coin manufacturing will prove that it is not a scam. But at this time, it is still unproven to you. I understand.

So this is what I want to politely and emphatically invite you to do. Ask questions, search for answers, test, and analyze the results. Participate at the level of your trust. Invest an amount of currency that if it is a 'scam,' you don't have a problem losing.

My only request is that you do take action with me to some degree. Because as I briefly outlined in the '8 Reasons' report at my site the world needs a positive change now.

Actually, testing & analyzing the results is simply a continuation of what my Japanese customers have been doing with me from the very beginning. From the time that I started this gold and silver business 10 years ago, each of my customers have built up their trust over time. And now, we have a high-level reputation at public marketplaces to help new customers test me easier.

When I first started 10 years ago, there were few orders, and often they were low currency amounts. I even had a person I cared for ridicule me for starting that business. But now we fulfill many orders & many large currency orders too. If you test me, you will come to trust based on the evidence. So please keep testing me.

Plato, the ancient Greek philosopher, said there are 3 types of people, those who live for honor, for wisdom, and gain. Today, with this monetary system, we must have money to have any type of freedom. Freedom of time to ask questions, search for answers, test & analyze the results.

I will help make some people very wealthy. I will help the people who are honest & intelligent enough to ask questions. The people brave enough to test. The people consistent enough to analyze.

I've done a lot of work to get here today, to make it as easy for you during the coming financial crisis. I hope you are happy to hear that. I have many more plans & tools prepared to distribute more profit as we go through this coming crisis.

What you will come to understand as you test me is that my motivation is not only for profit. I am looking for sustainable systems, for peace, for justice, freedom of choice. I want a world based on facts, based on the truth. And I know how to get there! --But don't take my word for it. Test me, and I will prove myself trustworthy. But the quicker you test me, the better, the more quickly I can help Japan and the U.S. transition peacefully, with more wealth, and time to enjoy life!

The Beatles were correct when they sang, 'Money can't buy you love.' Money can't buy you real love, but it can buy almost everything else and make life more enjoyable, and give you more time to enjoy it. --That is the goal!

And right now, at this time in our human evolution, you, the people who want peace, need to have more time, freedom, and influence that gold and silver can give you. --and silver more than gold! The first part of my why report explaining why silver is better than gold is getting translated now. It will be in the 'Partner Only' area of my site.

Again I invite you to test me a bit further and join me at some level. Join at the highest level possible, as my Partner (Offer#4), and our 'coin financing investment' (Offer#2), and for the 'pre-sell' (offer#1) of our first Japanese Samurai MOMOTARO coin.

This is a peaceful 'ONI TAIJI' for peace & those who join will share in the treasure too.

Joshua Michael

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